Advocates of all things British we're members of the brilliant organisation The British Flower Collective, and strong believers in doing what we can to help combat climate change. Bouquets and Blooms strive to use British grown flowers and foliage whenever and wherever possible. Not only do we feel all warm and fuzzy for supporting British businesses, but we also take huge pride in knowing that we are doing our absolute best to prevent unnecessary flower miles and helping to protect this wonderful planet of ours. Our mantra is sown not flown.

But because we rely on the great British weather, the availability of our seasonal British flowers changes, and although we try, we cannot always guarantee that we will have British blooms in stock or certain varieties available. So that is why we ask you to trust us. Trust us to use our creativity, our integrity and our professional judgment to design the perfect bouquet for your occasion. You can rest assured that whatever we have at our fingertips in the way of blooms and greenery, you will end up with a simply sumptuous natural bouquet. We are all about the just picked, wild garden, tumbling blooms look and avoid bling at all costs!

Not only do we strive to limit the amount of flower miles, but we are also passionate about supporting other independent buisnesses both locally and nationally.  We are therefore delighted to be among the first florists to be included in the amazing on-line artisan florist directory called Designer Flora.