Our style is natural and often rustic, with a 'just gathered from the garden' look and a slight vintage twist.  From small, delicate posies that look perfect in a jam jar on the kitchen table; to big, blousy blooms standing proud, we put the same amount of care and attention to detail into all that we do.

If you are looking to order some gorgeous flowers for a special occasion, we always have a lovely selection of seasonal blooms in the shop, but because we are passionate about avoiding flower wastage, we hope you understand that we will only be stocking certain colours and types of flowery goodness at any one time; although with clever buying we always hope to have a great selection of complementary flowers for you to choose from. And  with enough notice, we are always happy to discuss ordering flowers for you should you have any extra special requests.

We are also delighted to be able to offer local deliveries (created by us) and national deliveries (created by partner florists). We are among some of the first florists to be included in the amazing on-line artisan florist directory called Designer Flora, a group of florists who share a similar design style and ethos.