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Pinterest - what's not to like?

Chances are that if you read this blog, or our sister blog at BlueCloud Photography, you are already a big fan of Pinterest. With an estimated 2.5 billion page views per month and more than four million visits per day, what’s not to like? The average Pinterest user is female (nearly 70 per cent), spends 14.2 minutes per session, and research in the USA has shown they are more likely to be affluent.  No wonder it’s the fastest-growing social media outlet in the world and I know I can spend hours drooling over gorgeous images of flowers, weddings, interiors and all things vintage (see below - just a small selection of my inspiration boards).

For some, Pinterest is just a never-ending kaleidoscope of beautiful and inspiring images. But, as many businesses, including Bouquets and Blooms and BlueCloud Photography are discovering, it’s also a fantastic place to gently market the crafts you make and sell, the stunning rooms in your hotel, or the gardens you landscape.

By allowing your photos to be ‘re-pinned’ from your website or your own Pinterest boards you are ensuring that visual images of what you do can be shared with their original source - your website - credited.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase how you go about things; whether it’s event planning (think vintage weddings/tea-parties/special anniversaries and birthdays), the interiors at your boutique hotel, or the things you make to sell.

But - there’s always a but! - the images have to be gorgeous; deep, with beautiful colour and the kind of composition that makes them irresistible to the Pinterest community.

If you haven’t already done so, consider investing in some top-quality, professional images; I know at BlueCloud our customers are already telling us that this is becoming more important in their marketing strategy.

And if you’d like to see Pinterest in action, hop on over to where you will find my Pinterest boards (about 73 of them at the last count containing 2,484 pins!), then get pinning!