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Beautiful Autumn Wreaths

Updating and refreshing your skills is something that all professionals do regardless of the nature of their business and how long they have been doing it, and floristry is no different, which is why I recently spent the day at Tallulah Rose Flower School. I wanted to brush up on my wreath making skills and decided that a one day course was just the ticket so booked myself a place.  The best way for me to travel to Bath is by train, and although it means getting up early at least I can avoid the rush hour traffic and nod off if I'm pooped!  However, two and half hours is long enough on an overcrowded train in my opinion, but I've learnt never to waste a train journey, so on the way way there I switched off my phone and completed a wedding quote and wrote 2 1/2 blog posts. And on the return journey I completed the 3rd blog, started on the copy for some new marketing and wrote this! So all in all I had a most creative and productive day.

Anyway, getting back to the wreath, we firstly learnt how to secure the moss onto the wire frame, and then how to attach bundles of foliage (in my case it was eucalyptus).  After that I added the most gorgeous coloured Autumnal flowers - antique pink hydrangeas, deep pink astrantia, sedum, berried eucalyptus, cinerea eucalyptus, slivery succulents and pink pepper seeds.  I then finished off the wreath with a rustic bow.  For my second wreath I opted for a more muted colour palette and also added the flowers and foliage in groups to give a slightly different look.  For this wreath I used white hydrangea, green berried foliage, silver succulents, brassica, poppy seed heads and reindeer moss for decoration.  Again I added a lovely hessian bow to complete the look.

The journey home in rush hour with two rather large wreaths was a challenge, but I made it.  Travelling on public transport with flowers is tricky but it always (and I mean ALWAYS) starts at least one conversation, and this train journey home was no exception.  Flowers just make people smile and both men and women can't resist commenting on them; so if you're ever looking for ways to meet people, I highly recommend travelling with flowers!

I waited until the flowing day to take some photographs, so here they are for your enjoyment.

L x

Words and photography:  Louise Bowditch