General Floristry

Back to School - that's The Sussex Flower School!

So at the end of September, I was back in the class room again, but this time I spent the day with the very lovely Georgia Miles from the Sussex Flower School learning how to create a beautiful vase arrangement in the style of Saipua and Floret Flower  - two of my flowery favourite florists from across the pond!  Georgia had previously attended a workshop with Saipua and was more than willing to share her knowledge and tips as to how to create this unstructured yet stylised look. Using a gorgeous selection of Georgia's home grown flowers, including the most glorious Cafe au Lait Dahlias, Jasmine trails, Agapanthus seed heads, Chocolate Cosmos and Hydrangea 'Limelight' amongst others, I learnt how to create a unique vase arrangement using chicken wire to secure the stems.  The chicken wire technique has long been used in floral design, but was usurped by the invention of floral foam due to its' ease of use & water holding capacity, but floral foam is extremely damaging to the environment (not to mention the florists who use it), so I was delighted that not a single bit of eco-UNfriendly foam was used.

I also made a gorgeous hand tied bouquet in a similar style, again choosing some of Georgia's home grown flowers - this time I mostly used delightful Dahlia's, berries and some lush foliage plus a few additional blooms such as wax flower & even some British dried hops.

Needless to say, after 'playing' for the day I was one very happy florist. Add to that the very tasty lunch, homemade cake and lashings of tea that were on offer, and of course, Georgia's great company, I really had the most enjoyable day.  And here are the results.

Words and photography:  Louise Bowditch