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Roses, Schmoses – check out my article for Truly Madly Kids


The lovely ladies over at Truly Madly Kids asked me to write about Valentine’s Day last year and here is the second of my articles.  Just click on the image below and it will take you straight there!.  Words and photographs by moi!.

Love & blue skies

L x

Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photographs:  Bouquets and Blooms

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Valentine's Day - Discover the meaning of roses

I love flowers; in fact I am passionate about them - their transient presence, their delicate beauty and their intricate design.  I see flowers as 'art' too, and given the right attention and the right environment, they 'speak' for themselves, but over the years they have also provided us with a way to communicate.

Throughout history, flowers and herbs have become an integral part of our lives and many different cultures across the world use flowers in many forms for numerous reasons.   We have discovered some possess healing qualities, some create fragrances, whilst others just give pleasure because of their natural beauty and we use flowers to both celebrate and commiserate.  But during Victorian times flowers were used to convey secret/discrete messages between two people, particularly secret admirers and lovers.

You see, although the Victorian’s were enlightened and indeed invented several methods of communication, such as the telephone, the radio and the camera, they frowned upon expressing one’s emotions and feelings and so the elaborate ‘language of flowers’ was born with many Victorians studying the art of ‘floriography’.

Lovers would exchange small bouquets of flowers, often called ‘nosegays’ or ‘tussie mussies’ containing an assortment of flowers each with a different meaning depending on how they were arranged, their variety and their colour etc.  Considerable time and great care had to be taken when sending the flowers and interpreting the meaning of them to ensure that the correct message had been conveyed and understood.  If two different floriography books were being used it could cause all sorts of problems!  But it is generally agreed upon that the red rose symbolised love and passion.

Anyway, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems pertinent to share the meaning of the Rose – the national flower of England (and my home county of Hampshire) and the traditional symbol of affection.  Derived from the Latin word ‘rosa’ and dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman times, this delicate flower was linked to the goddesses of love and became popular in Victorian Britain when used as subtle gestures of love and romance (as per the language of flowers).  Despite many flowers having several different meanings, it is generally agreed upon that the red rose symbolised love and passion. Take a look below to see the different meanings and discover you don’t have to send red roses on Valentine’s Day …

Red – the traditional symbol for love and romance.  Perfect for saying ‘I love you’.  Also denotes love and perfection.

Pink – symbol of grace and elegance.  Given as a gesture of admiration, also to show appreciation and joyfulness.

Orange/Peach – expresses energy, desire and enthusiasm, passion and excitement.

Yellow – often known as the sign of true friendship and joy, as well as a sign of genuine warmth and happiness.

White – a symbol of purity and new beginnings normally associated with marriage.  They can also be used as a gesture of remembrance and honor.

For more information about the history of Valentine’s Day, why not check out my article written especially for Truly Madly Kids - it's going to be published on Wednesday 12th February.  Head on over to TMK's blog and take a peek - you’ll find it here, or read more about the meanings of other flowers here.

Love & blue skies


L x

Words:  Louise Bowditch, Bouquets and Blooms

Photos:  Bouquets and Blooms


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All florists are evil - fact to fiction?


Last year, the lovely ladies from Truly Madly Kids asked me what I thought about Valentine's Day. Click on the image below to take you directly to the article where I do my best to assure you that St Valentine's Day does not an evil florist make!

Keep a lookout for another TMK article written by yours truly later in the week and you can read my other Valentine's Day ramblings here and here!...

Love & blue skies

L x

Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photographs:  Bouquets and Blooms

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New Year, new shop!

Hello there.  Some of you may already be following my flowery journey, whilst others may have only just discovered my blog by accident.  Either way, welcome to Bouquet's & Blooms blog for 2015. It's way too late to wish you a Happy New Year and all that, but I do hope that 2015 has treated you well so far and that it is kind to all of us.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, Bouquets & Blooms is an artisan florist selling beautiful blooms (British whenever possible), offering wedding flowers and (in the not too distant future), floral workshops. You can choose from our divine range of single stems, cute ready made posies, gorgeous gift bouquets and planted containers.

Not only do we 'do' flowers, but we also curate a shop full of carefully chosen handcrafted products and vintage items from local traders. Having just moved, we are now located in the historic village of Wickham in Hampshire and 'live' above one of its' oldest hardware stores, Heming & Co, which has been trading since 1895. Visit us where you can browse our eclectic mix of beautiful flowers, pre-loved items, textiles and collectibles for your home. And if you have the time make sure you visit one of The Square's fine eating establishments - you can check out what's going on in Wickham here.

And now are are settled in our new home, I thought I would delight you with a few photographs to give you a little taster of what’s in store for you when you come and say ‘hello’. Enjoy and I hope to see you soon.


{PS  Remember the 14th February is fast approaching, so remember to start dropping hints & look out for my next blog post about Valentine's Day coming soon.}

Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photographs: Bouquets & Blooms

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A day trip to the (Floral) Circus!

Back at the end of the November, a group of wonderfully talented British flower growers (and me!) met up at Floral Circus' fab HQ and workshop/studio to spend the day talking about all things flower related.  Welcomed by hot coffee and biscuits, there was lots of flowery chatter about the 2014 growing season, plans for the 2015 season ahead and considerable pondering about how best to connect the beautiful British flowers that are being grown with the florists (like me) who are desperate to use them. After a very tasty homemade lunch of soup and crusty bread followed by the most amazing apple tart, we all then made a festive wreath using the beautiful and of course British bounty picked from the woods and grounds surrounding Floral Ciricus's studio.

I had my camera, so with the kind permission of all those involved, I happily took some behind the scenes shots of the day as it unfolded and here they are.  The lovely Jo from Floral Cicrus has also written a blog which contains all the links to the talented bunch of British growers that I spent the day with.  You can read it here.


Words and pictures by Louise Bowditch, Bouquets and Blooms

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Back to School - that's The Sussex Flower School!

So at the end of September, I was back in the class room again, but this time I spent the day with the very lovely Georgia Miles from the Sussex Flower School learning how to create a beautiful vase arrangement in the style of Saipua and Floret Flower  - two of my flowery favourite florists from across the pond!  Georgia had previously attended a workshop with Saipua and was more than willing to share her knowledge and tips as to how to create this unstructured yet stylised look. Using a gorgeous selection of Georgia's home grown flowers, including the most glorious Cafe au Lait Dahlias, Jasmine trails, Agapanthus seed heads, Chocolate Cosmos and Hydrangea 'Limelight' amongst others, I learnt how to create a unique vase arrangement using chicken wire to secure the stems.  The chicken wire technique has long been used in floral design, but was usurped by the invention of floral foam due to its' ease of use & water holding capacity, but floral foam is extremely damaging to the environment (not to mention the florists who use it), so I was delighted that not a single bit of eco-UNfriendly foam was used.

I also made a gorgeous hand tied bouquet in a similar style, again choosing some of Georgia's home grown flowers - this time I mostly used delightful Dahlia's, berries and some lush foliage plus a few additional blooms such as wax flower & even some British dried hops.

Needless to say, after 'playing' for the day I was one very happy florist. Add to that the very tasty lunch, homemade cake and lashings of tea that were on offer, and of course, Georgia's great company, I really had the most enjoyable day.  And here are the results.

Words and photography:  Louise Bowditch


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Beautiful Autumn Wreaths

Updating and refreshing your skills is something that all professionals do regardless of the nature of their business and how long they have been doing it, and floristry is no different, which is why I recently spent the day at Tallulah Rose Flower School. I wanted to brush up on my wreath making skills and decided that a one day course was just the ticket so booked myself a place.  The best way for me to travel to Bath is by train, and although it means getting up early at least I can avoid the rush hour traffic and nod off if I'm pooped!  However, two and half hours is long enough on an overcrowded train in my opinion, but I've learnt never to waste a train journey, so on the way way there I switched off my phone and completed a wedding quote and wrote 2 1/2 blog posts. And on the return journey I completed the 3rd blog, started on the copy for some new marketing and wrote this! So all in all I had a most creative and productive day.

Anyway, getting back to the wreath, we firstly learnt how to secure the moss onto the wire frame, and then how to attach bundles of foliage (in my case it was eucalyptus).  After that I added the most gorgeous coloured Autumnal flowers - antique pink hydrangeas, deep pink astrantia, sedum, berried eucalyptus, cinerea eucalyptus, slivery succulents and pink pepper seeds.  I then finished off the wreath with a rustic bow.  For my second wreath I opted for a more muted colour palette and also added the flowers and foliage in groups to give a slightly different look.  For this wreath I used white hydrangea, green berried foliage, silver succulents, brassica, poppy seed heads and reindeer moss for decoration.  Again I added a lovely hessian bow to complete the look.

The journey home in rush hour with two rather large wreaths was a challenge, but I made it.  Travelling on public transport with flowers is tricky but it always (and I mean ALWAYS) starts at least one conversation, and this train journey home was no exception.  Flowers just make people smile and both men and women can't resist commenting on them; so if you're ever looking for ways to meet people, I highly recommend travelling with flowers!

I waited until the flowing day to take some photographs, so here they are for your enjoyment.

L x

Words and photography:  Louise Bowditch

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Tallulah Rose Flower School Photo Shoot

At the beginning of September, the lovely Rachel from the Tallulah Rose Flower School  invited me along to Bath to take part in a photo shoot but this time I wasn't going to be behind the camera - I would be designing and creating beautiful bouquets to be photographed for their new website. Along with some other fab florists, we arrived at TRFS's lovely workshop all looking forward to the morning's flowery happenings and we weren't disappointed.

We were presented with a sea of beautiful blooms & foliage to choose from, and were given a free reign ... Just the kind of creative brief that I love!

While we were happily chatting and playing with the flowers, the photographer took plenty of action shots. Once each bouquet was complete, it was beautifully styled and a final fine art image taken. As soon as the website is live, these images will be available for all to see.

We were allowed to take our creations home and so the next day I took my designs down to the wonderful treasure trove of an antiques shop that is Brocante just down the road from my shop in Castle Road, to take some photographs of my own.

Using some of the vintage finds and the fab shop interior as a backdrop, the bouquets looked gorgeous. The light was just right, and the slightly shabby / rustic look complemented them beautifully.

So here are my images for your delight. Enjoy ...

L x



Words and photography:  Louise Bowditch

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British Flowers - A Beautiful Waterfall Bridal Bouquet

So after my fabulous day spent with the lovely Sara Willman of My Flower Patch, I came home with a large bucket of the most gorgeous blooms, and my next task (and probably my most favourite of tasks) was to have a 'play'. But before I got my flowery funk on, I took some photographs of the flowers 'au natural'. With a beautiful array of such delicate blooms, I was instantly inspired to create a bridal bouquet. But unusually for me, all I could see when I looked at the flowers, was a cascading, waterfall so decided on a shower bouquet.

Due to the nature of the flowers, I didn't wire anything and the bouquet just organically created itself as I added each flower. The colours were exquisite - soft and gentle peaches, pastel pinks and blues with a touch of striking lime and cerise.

As usual, I had my camera on hand and here are the resulting images that I took. Thanks to Abi who was my model. Enjoy ...

L x

Words & photography:  Louise Bowditch

General Floristry

Spending The Day in Flower Heaven with Sara Willman of My Flower Patch

So back in August, I took a few days off and decided that instead of spending squillions of pounds on a foreign holiday, I would have a summer ‘stay-cation’ and I loved it. A few relaxing days at home with the family, a couple of fab day trips, a weekend staying at my mum’s and a few coffee and cake ‘appointments’ filled my 10 days off rather nicely. The only stress I really felt was on the morning of 21st August when my daughter was waiting for her GCSE results – but even that was replaced by delight as she passed everything she needed to.  So we celebrated by visiting our favourite café where we shared a tasty pancake breakfast.  Sorry I digress …

During my time out, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sara Willman from My Flower Patch and her delightful family (her lovely mum and Henry her gorgeous little boy).  Sara has the most amazing cut flower garden in the heart of Wiltshire and had kindly offered to show me around.  So I piled my daughter and mum into the car and off we went on a little road trip, stopping off for a pub lunch on the way, and spending the afternoon in flower heaven.

Sara and her mum (and Henry) were so welcoming and very happy to share their knowledge and experience with me – I know I’ll be back soon.

Of course I took a bucket to bring home (the most amazing) flowers and my camera.  Another blog post awaits to show you what I created with my bucket of flowers, but here are a few photographs of the day ...

Love & blue skies

L x


Our Silver Wedding Anniversary - A Personal Post

This day, 25 years ago at just after 4pm (I was fashionably late of course!), I walked down the aisle of St John The Baptist Church in Purbrook, Hampshire and married the only man I have ever loved (apart from family members) ... He frequently drives me nuts and we have been through our fair share of ups and downs, but our marriage of 25 years is one of my greatest achievements (only second to having our three children). There have been times when I could have quite easily 'done a runner' (excuse the poor use of the English language - but it's succinct and to the point!); and there have been times when I questioned if we should stay together, but after 25 years of being married, I've come to the conclusion that I don't think that I could stop loving him even if I tried or wanted to ...  He has supported me through the good times and the bad, helped me chase my flowery dreams and wiped away the tears when things have gone wrong.

I love you Mark.  You are my soul mate, my rock and my friend.  And you make me laugh; sometimes I laugh AT you, but mostly I laugh WITH you ...

So, for your delight & amusement here are a selection of our wedding photographs from 2nd September 1989.  Expect cheesy poses from us - and remember that all our guests would have been wearing shoulder pads and sporting big hair.  And that was just the men ...

Enjoy ...

L x

Styled Shoots

Bouquets and Blooms meets Sarah Gardner Photography

Back in April I attended a great photography workshop hosted by the lovely Sarah from Sarah Gardner Photography, so when she invited me (and other workshop attendees and their daughters) to join her in a styled portrait shoot at the beginning of August, I just couldn't say no.  And of course, when I found out that flowers were required,  I offered my flowery services too. I headed off to Westbury Arts Centre with my camera and a bucket full of stunning British grown summer blooms and garden roses supplied by Blooming British wholesalers.  When I arrived I quickly got to work conditioning and wiring all the flowers I had brought, as well as some flowers that Sarah had brought along - including some very pretty yellow roses from her mum's garden and a shocking pink hydrangea plant.

After Tricia D'Costa, our hair and make-up artist for the day, had worked her magic on our beautiful models we started to attach the flowers, choosing colours, shapes and textures that complemented the look of each of our gorgeous girls. We also used Wisteria vine and trailing ivy from Westbury's pretty garden.

One of the other photographers in attendance, Jane Burkinshaw from Love your Lens has written a great 'behind-the-scenes' blog post about the shoot and you can read it here.  Caution:  I wasn't wearing any make-up and I look about 100 years old ... you have been warned!

Anyway, here are my shots from the day.  Enjoy ...

L x

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside - Bouquets and Blooms settle in to their new home

Well, I'm back from my 'stay-cation' and am relaxed and recharged after spending some much needed time with the family and a few fab day trips. One of the highlights of my holiday was a visit to the lovely Sara Willman of My Flower Patch to see her amazing cut flower garden in Wiltshire.  As well as a bucket to bring flowers home in, I also took my  camera, so watch out for a blog post about my day with Sara in the not too distant future. Anyway, I have a confession to make ... I have been meaning to write this blog post for about the last 8 weeks or so, yet despite my best efforts, life kept getting in the way!  But now I have found the time to put my fingers to the keyboard and bring you up to date.

So after several months of searching, I finally found a new home for Bouquets and Blooms and it's by the sea; me and my flowers have taken up residence in a quirky and bohemian shop aptly named SHOP, based in Castle Road, Southsea.

Selling an eclectic mix of handmade gifts and jewellery, vintage clothes and upcycled goods, SHOP is a great place to visit if you are looking for something that little bit different and the perfect setting for Bouquets and Blooms natural style.  Some of my fellow traders in SHOP include Hilffield Trading (the brilliant Clive is the brains behind the iconic Tricorn T Shirts), the lovely Chris from Chris Williams Bespoke Framer, and Monis-Londres vintage clothing specialist.

Castle Road is most definitely an area of Southsea that is enjoying a bit of a renaissance and loves its’ independent and artisan shops.  Home to the hugely popular (and spectacularly cool) Pie and Vinyl, SHOP and Bouquets and Blooms is just down the road, next to the lovely restaurant Truffles and opposite Artypotz.  At the end of the road we have 101 Reykjavik and Revive Interiors, then further along Brocante, Delaneys Cafe and Sandwich Bar and at the very end we have Tony Wood Hair located in the lovely Clocktower – which is also home to Love Southsea. There are of course other shops and offices but I don’t know them all …

Anyway, I would love it if you stopped by to say hello …

Bouquets and Blooms is on the right as you walk into the shop ... And I LOVE the up-cycled counter that I made out of old tea crates.

We aim to have a selection of British blooms and foliage whenever possible ...

And we are always on the lookout for unusual flowery goodies to stock ...

Love and blue skies


Louise x

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!


Happy New Year to you all!  Or do you think it is too late to say that now we are two thirds of the way through January?

Well, from my point of view, if it’s still January then it’s never too late to say it – especially as it is such a warm and uplifting greeting that hints of good things to come.  And I hope, from the bottom of my heart that 2014 is a great year for you and yours.  It will be full of ups and downs I am sure of that, but with a positive attitude and stacks of gratitude it can be a good one.


Anyway, some of you may follow my Bouquets and Blooms on Facebook (you can find my page here) and will therefore know I lost my dad to dementia at the end of November last year.  Yet despite our great sadness, as a family we are grateful for the long and full life that my dad lived and take comfort that he is now at peace.  Anyone who has ever lost someone they love to dementia will know what a cruel disease it really is and so the end, whilst you can never really prepare yourself, comes as a blessing to both the sufferer and their family.  And we are no exception.

So 2014 has started with equal amounts of excitement and reflection. My grief is still raw and can catch me unaware but I am full of hope and am looking forward to the future.  Especially where Bouquets and Blooms is concerned.

Bouquets and Blooms started out as an online wedding flower service (which it still is and you can find my website here) offering bespoke wedding flowers and wedding workshops, but we have now blossomed into a lovely little flower shop too, selling beautiful blooms (both fresh and forever), a selection of floral gifts for you and your home and a generous helping of vintage finds and furniture.


I rented a small retail unit at Shedfield Equestrian Centre just outside of Wickham (you can find a map here) and Bouquets and Blooms opened its’ doors for a few weeks in December, offering all sorts of Christmas goodness and floral gifts.Located within a short distance from the Marriott Meon Valley Hotel and the DeVere New Place (both wonderful wedding venues), we still offer our bespoke wedding flower service and wedding workshops - but now you have somewhere rather lovely to visit in person!  I took a break over the festive season but am now ready to re-open my doors, as from next Wednesday 22nd January 2014.


The unit is what I would call small, compact and bijoux and may only be a temporary home for Bouquets and Blooms for now (I am currently in discussions to move somewhere more suitable), but I would love to see you - we're open Wednesday's to Saturday's, from about 10am ish till about 3pm ish

Love and blue skies

L x

Words:  Louise Bowditch, Bouquets and Blooms

Photos:  BlueCloud Photography

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Pinterest - what's not to like?

Chances are that if you read this blog, or our sister blog at BlueCloud Photography, you are already a big fan of Pinterest. With an estimated 2.5 billion page views per month and more than four million visits per day, what’s not to like? The average Pinterest user is female (nearly 70 per cent), spends 14.2 minutes per session, and research in the USA has shown they are more likely to be affluent.  No wonder it’s the fastest-growing social media outlet in the world and I know I can spend hours drooling over gorgeous images of flowers, weddings, interiors and all things vintage (see below - just a small selection of my inspiration boards).

For some, Pinterest is just a never-ending kaleidoscope of beautiful and inspiring images. But, as many businesses, including Bouquets and Blooms and BlueCloud Photography are discovering, it’s also a fantastic place to gently market the crafts you make and sell, the stunning rooms in your hotel, or the gardens you landscape.

By allowing your photos to be ‘re-pinned’ from your website or your own Pinterest boards you are ensuring that visual images of what you do can be shared with their original source - your website - credited.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase how you go about things; whether it’s event planning (think vintage weddings/tea-parties/special anniversaries and birthdays), the interiors at your boutique hotel, or the things you make to sell.

But - there’s always a but! - the images have to be gorgeous; deep, with beautiful colour and the kind of composition that makes them irresistible to the Pinterest community.

If you haven’t already done so, consider investing in some top-quality, professional images; I know at BlueCloud our customers are already telling us that this is becoming more important in their marketing strategy.

And if you’d like to see Pinterest in action, hop on over to where you will find my Pinterest boards (about 73 of them at the last count containing 2,484 pins!), then get pinning!

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It's a boy! Welcome to the world Prince George Alexander Louis ...

IT MIGHT not seem like it at the moment but the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t the only mum who’s had a baby this past week! Which means her friends and family won’t be the only people wondering just what flowers to send, to offer their congratulations at this special time. Or maybe they’re wondering whether to send flowers at all, as many maternity units don’t allow them.

Thinking back to when my first son was born, I can remember receiving the most beautiful posy of freesias in shades of white, cream and lilac. Not only did they smell divine, they were very easy to care for; all I had to do was put them in water.

When friends and customers ask my advice about flowers for new mums I always say they should choose something which will be easy to handle – they have enough to do without having to care for giant bouquets – and they appreciate something which reflects the style of their home.

You can always personalise your gift by making use of the language of flowers, where white roses signify purity, stephanotis good luck, and orchids imply longevity.

If the baby has a floral name, like Daisy or Rosie, you could have fun using those specific blooms or what about patriotic red and white flowers if the baby’s name is George? If the family’s heritage is Scottish, consider incorporating some ornamental thistles (ereyngium) or perhaps some Bells of Ireland (molucella), if they hail from the Emerald Isle.

Whatever you decide, taking the personal route is a lot easier when you know the secrets of creating a hand-tied tied bunch, so why not check out my website here and take a look at Bouquets and Blooms workshops. And just for your delight, as I obviously don't have a photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new arrival that I can use - here is one of my gorgeous nephew Jasper.  You can see more of our photographs here.

Love and blue skies

L x


Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photographs:  BlueCloud Photography

General Floristry

The Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation - A florists view ....

LOOKING at all the nostalgic images of the Coronation that were around at the beginning of June, there appeared to be one thing missing… flowers!  The Queen wasn’t carrying any and unlike the royal weddings, there didn’t appear to be many in Westminster Abbey. However, I’ve discovered that Elizabeth did have flowers; the Worshipful Company of Gardeners presented her with a bouquet comprising orchids and lilies-of-the-valley from England, stephanotis from Scotland, carnations from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man and orchids from Wales.

And the Abbey and Buckingham Palace were decorated for the occasion under the guidance of the extraordinary Constance Spry, the woman who turned floral arranging into the art it is seen as today.

It’s hard to believe now but BC (Before Constance), flower arranging was seen as just another service performed by those in trade. Constance was having none of that! She regarded herself as a floral artist; she only entered her clients’ homes via the front door and her vision turned the floral world upside down.

Her design featuring autumn berries and leaves mixed with green orchids actually drew crowds to the London perfumery where she displayed it. During WWII - I love this - she even decorated the sandbags outside her London shop. Absolutely brilliant!  Sadly, finding good quality photographs that I could use proved too difficult, so you will have to make do with a few images of mine.

She died in 1960 but I think she showed that floral art; whether it’s a posy for your table or an entire wedding, is something that must be fresh and imaginative and above all, personal.

I know from talking to my customers that this is what they want from their flowers. Like Constance, they want to experiment and so, with that in mind, I am now running workshops; Bridal Blooms - Flowers for the Handmade Wedding and Floral Fun - Flowers for the Home.

Please check out my website or contact me here for more details.

If you are interested in finding out more about Constance Spry and her revolutionary take on floristry, then please visit the Design Museum here or English Heritage here.  And if you want to read more about the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation, then click through to the Telegraph here.

Love and blue skies

L x


Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photographs:  BlueCloud Photography

Styled Shoots

Styled shoot with BlueCloud Photography and Lovely and Vintage Wedding Fayres


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working on a styled shoot with the lovely Janet from Lovely and Vintage Wedding Fayres (check out L&V's website here and their FB page here).


The historic and rustic Great Barn in Titchfield, Hampshire was the perfect location for our shoot, and as the venue for Janet's up and coming wedding fayre at the end of July it made perfect sense to use it as our backdrop.

Dating back to the 15th century, the Great Barn now houses the Titchfield Festival Theatre, and later this year, it is to become a wedding venue.  You can check out more about the barn and theatre by visiting their facebook page here.

Many of Lovely and Vintage's wedding suppliers were eager to take part in the shoot, so we had a fabulous range of gorgeous wedding products, services and accessories to shoot, including both fresh and faux wedding bouquets provided by Bouquets and Blooms.  And of course BlueCloud Photography (that's me!), provided the rather beautiful photography. Enjoy ....


Oh my - gotta love a VW camper van!  I know I may be a little late to the party, but I would really love to have one of these sitting on my drive, waiting for us to just all pile in and head off on a road trip!

Although we all had a fabulous time at the shoot, things didn't go completely to plan .... whilst we were shooting, there was a 'bit of bother' with one of the spotlights and we had to call the fire brigade out just to be on the safe side.  Of course, this provided us girls with much excitement (I can't be certain, but I think it may have had something to do with the uniforms ...!)  and of course a couple of extra photo opportunities ...


You can find a list of all the brilliant suppliers below.

Love and blue skies

L x


Bouquets and Blooms - fresh and fabulous faux wedding bouquets.

BlueCloud Photography - photographs.

Lovely and Vintage Wedding Fayres - styling.

Quaint and Quirky Events - large wreath and oversized props.

Miss Ruby's Clothing - retro dresses.

Real Green Dress - Vintage wedding dresses

Uptown Curls - hair.

Pearly Petals - hessian and vintage fabric wedding bouquets and fabric hair accessories.  

Forever Clover - brooch bouquets

VW Camper Van hire -

Dolly's Beauty - make-up.

Charmaine of Southsea - fresh flower bouquet and potted plants.

Stubbington Village Florist - fresh flower wedding bouquet.

Emme and Marie - models